Guerilla Marketing is a smart advertising technique that is based on the element of surprise. Driven through the warfare guerilla technique to disguise and ambush, this strategy revolves around creating a highly unconventional campaign. It can catch the audience’s attention. It involves such techniques that garner attention and positions your brand in the market most effectively.

Guerrilla advertising is one of the most challenging techniques driving creativity and boldness in a brand equity. The high imagination involved grabs the viewer’s attention. It indulges them in the immersive execution of the marketing idea. It creates an unforgettable impression and sticks in the head of the viewer for longer. In an unpredicted and unconventional manner, the brand is positioned in the market driving extraordinary response and impeccable results.

Types of Guerrilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing involves four basic types of techniques. Each one of them can generate uncountable outcomes if implemented in the right way. So, here they are:

Use the pre-existing urban environment as a prop and add something related to your brand identity on it. You can put artwork on the sidewalk, statue or on the roadside walls. 

You can utilize the pre-existing indoor environment for your marketing campaign. Paste attention-grabbing poster at locations like cafes, train stations, universities or at any most crowded place.

Make a surprise appearance in an ongoing event to steer the heads towards your brand. You can leverage the audience of a concert or any crowded gathering and make a noticeable appearance capturing the most attention.

When using the above mentioned techniques execute in a way that the public can make an interaction with your marketing idea. It will implant your brand more firmly in their head.

How Guerrilla Marketing is Used Today?

The best thing about Guerilla marketing is its budget-friendliness. You do not need huge bucks to get your message heard. All you need is to gear up your creative mind to come up with an out of the box idea to market your product and present your business. So, here are some inspiring examples of how some of the recognised brands around the world have utilized this marketing technique.


Frontline, the manufacturer of fleas and lies preventing products, is the best example of using the indoors to promote their product. They painted a giant picture of a god on the floor of a crowded mall making the humans be the insect-illusion on it.

The picture so perfectly gives the people walking across it the illusion of insects. Such creativity is hard to ignore. The makers very well knew that people will stare down at the picture from other floors. So, in this way, a large number of visitors will get to check out their branding style.

Moreover, figure out how your audience can involuntarily interact with your unconditional sale technique. In addition, learn about your brand speciality in an instant.


When talking about mind-blowing ideas the technique GoldToe used will sweep you off. Guerrilla marketing is based on bold and daring ideas and that’s what they did by putting on underwear on an iconic charging bull statue. Moreover, thousands of people took pictures and recorded the scene and it became one of the most talked-about ideas in the market. How simply they steered the attention and communicated what the brand was about.

Low-Budget Tactics To Boost Sales Through Guerrilla Marketing

Search engine optimization, pay per click and email advertising are all the usual marketing hacks but what unearths greater possibilities is guerrilla marketing. The way you use the element of surprise predict the scope of your success. It is the most low budget technique that reaps higher and far-reaching benefits.

The Psychology of Freebies

Who doesn’t like free stuff? In fact, the word “Free” is not only irresistible but the most favourite word of ever consumer, irrespective of the industry. An unexpected gift voucher, discounted deals and coupons are some of the marketing tactics that quickly accelerate retail sales and excitement among the audience.

Free giveaway is one of the tactics used in guerrilla marketing as well. Many brands like Spotify and Netflix provide free access to auto branding songs, shows and movies only to capture the attention of its target audience.

You have often come across deals like “Buy one Get one Free”. In such offers the consumer intending to buy a product at half a price end up purchasing more than he has planned. It brings enormous profit to the brand. It helps in expanding clientele and boost brand recognition.

By giving away a simple discount brand foresee a prosperous future for their business. A customer feels delighted to receive the discount or gift hampers and feels obliged to pay back the brand in some ways. He either refer it to his friends or plans to browse the catalogue to shop. Everything revolves around how good you treat your customers. If you succeed in keeping them contended your sales funnel will remain overloaded.


To stay at the top in the online world you need to bring advance and innovative features in your branding campaign. Snapchat and Instagram have introduced the geofencing feature where the app tracks the current location of the user and offer different filters related to that place. In this way, you can provide a more personalized user experience. With such a feature more users feel motivated to use the app. You can try this technique; it requires a little improvisation to your application to generate promising outcomes. 

Wrapping Up 

With Guerilla marketing you can capture the attention of your target audience in a unique way. You can stick your brand at the back of their head and psychologically convince them to lay trust on your services. You appearing at all the unexpected places will make them pay more attention to your advertisements helplessly and that’s when you hit the right nerve. So, be creative with your ideas.

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