Can I try before I buy?

We couldn’t sleep at night if we didn’t let everyone connect for free with Ambii. Once you try the personal version you can always upgrade to business.

How do I host/join a party?

Download the Ambii app in the Google Play Store or the IOS App Store and create an account. Search for nearby Parties and join using party code or host your own party and give your party code to friends.

Do I have to be at my friend’s party to add music to the queue?

No, you can join your friend’s party remotely and add music to the queue just like if you were there in person.

Is Ambii like Spotify or Pandora?

No; Spotify and Pandora only allow one person to control the music, while Ambii caters towards groups of people listening.

Can I use music from my phone or Spotify library?

Yes, soon you can import your saved playlists and preferences from Spotify and Youtube.

I still don’t understand Ambii.

Ambii is a music app that allows groups of people to add music to a waiting-list from their phone or computer.