Wonder why Nike customers love the brand? It’s right to say that Nike is the most recognized sportswear across the globe. Not only does the name reside in the mind of every consumer, but its unique logo appears instantly when here the brand name. But what made Nike so renowned, so popular?

Nike storesAccording to Statista, Nike customers made the brand established a total of 1,048 retail stores globally. Two of the most important aspects of their business model that made them recognized are vision and an aim to keep customers contended. Every sportswear collection that hits the market depicts innovation and uniqueness.

On the other hand, its brick and mortar stores, official sites and all the other business avenues thrive to keep customers indulged and catered most professionally. The company ensured a firm footing in the industry by relying on these two major aspects that helped them generate triple folds on investments.

The Decline of Brick and Mortar Stores

Whether you call it retail apocalypse a mere culling of a herd, but retail stores are not being preferred over online stores. Here’s why!

Today, retail stores are more crowded, loaded with collections and creates a stressful environment. The moment a brand launches its sales offers thousands of people come running after the aisles grabbing dresses and ruining the ambience. Whereas, the opposite happens online. The online stores provide personalized, hassle-free and easy to navigate user experience. You do not have to push pass visitors to have the dress you want. The interface remains aspects and everything work in proper order.

What Sets Nike Stores Apart

Nike retail stores are something to take an example from. Whenever you visit a Nike store the one thing that hits you is their minimalist approach. They keep indoors spacious and minimalist. Their target audience is sports person and strives to capture their attention. Nike stores are built with a decent color that reflect brand uniformity. Every corner of the store reflects sports men spirit. They are designed to encourage visitors and to stay eye-pleasing.

The Promising Marketing Practices of Nike Customer Care

According to the Social Currency report published in 2016, Nike received Social Currency composite score of 120. This is one of the leading brand that has focused on its audience and dug out ways to connect with them. The survey was carried out among more than 90 influential and leading brands. Nike positioned itself at the top in terms of having the strongest customer relationships and social currency rates. The basics to have such a level of connection rely on certain aspects, which are as follows:

From In-Store Environment to Branding Tactics- About Nike Customer Care 

“Today consumers don’t serve brands; they serve themselves. They use their social connections to create their reality, to manage their lives, to get the job done whether it is searching, evaluating, or buying or using a product or service or brand, and proactively talk about brands only in so far as it helps them establish themselves.” posted in News Brief

Considering the behavior of consumers, Nike customer keeps on improvising its strategies and ensure to keep them closer. The marketing case studies shows how they ponder on every possibility and avenue to step closer to their target audience. Through TV commercials, paid advertisements., social media platforms, influencer marketing and in-store branding tactics, they capture the mind of their target audience. Nike has almost 1,096 stores around the world and each one of them depict uniformity irrespective to which region they are located at.

Triggers Emotions

triggers emotionsThe key elements of their marketing campaigns are comfort and enthusiasm. They tend to trigger the emotions of consumers by showcasing bold, daring and athletic commercials, posters and inn-store ambiance.

Nike with its unmatched vision and determination to reach out to the audience most professionally made the firm achieve 96% share in the market. Their sales output is showcased in the picture.

Nike’s In-Store Technology Enhances Customer Experience

Nike leaves no stone unturned to emulate their success. The best thing is how proficiently they incorporate the use of technology. Their in-store technology helps build a serene and inspiring customer experience. They use audio branding through leading platforms like Ambii to drive the attention of visitors and keep the shopping spirit high.

The tracks played at the store or the music selected to set the mood helps in keeping up a rhythm and maintaining freshness in the environment. The platforms like Ambii provides real-time suggestions to switch tracks that creates an impact on the overall environment of the store.

Apart from this. around 67% of buyers often leave the store empty-handed. They cannot find the product in the store they liked online. However, Nike has a QR code reading system which quickly helps them get the product they are looking for. Not only this, visitors on Nike’s online platform ca even book product trying session. They select the number of products they wish to try-on and head to the store to grab them.

Nike’s customer support revolves around providing their client with utmost convenience. By leveraging technology, Nike not only improves in-store experience but manufactures unbeatable product line.

Winding Down

As the technological advancements begin to capture every industry, big brands like Nike don’t stay refrained from leveraging it for their betterment. Nike is gradually improvising its strategies to run its physical as well as online stores. It is now introducing a hyper-personalized shopping experience for its consumers through digital integration. Whether it’s the introduction of in-store audio branding or the inclusion of barcode readers, Nike stays ahead of the curve and surprises customers by covering up all of their pain points with perfection.

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