Undoubtedly, music prevents driving customers away. Not only that it livens up the stores but contributes to building interesting brand equity. Audio branding influences the outlook of a business thereby attracting visitors more effectively. Furthermore, as the market is heated with fierce competition, now is the time to ponder on offering an impressive hopping experience to your customers. That’s how you will stand apart from the clutters.

Stores with no background music create a dead environment for their visitors. The customer when steps into such a store either gets distracted with the chatter of the people around or feels bored with the not-so-pleasant auro. Here is how important music is and its widespread use.

Best Ways To How Music Prevents Driving Customers From Your Retail Store 

When it comes to your retail store you must observe which genre can engage your buyers and what must not be played in your store. Your music must not only keep your shoppers entertained but help in delivering a pleasant shopping experience.

Not Every Genre Fits Your Industry 

You may be a fan of Marilyn Manson but remember not every genre sound good with every industry. What music is playing in your store creates a huge impact on the customer attitude influencing the time spent in the store to help them make favourable buying decisions. An international study presented that brands having in-store music that fits their business are “96% more likely to be recalled” than those playing irrelevant music genres.  

To play the right music in retail stores, one must ponder on the preferences of his target audience. For retail shop owners, the most targeted group of audience currently are the Millennials. So, if you know who to target you must know how to compel them. A survey revealed that “50% of younger customers stay longer when the music they appreciate is played in-store.” It shows the significant role of music for retail stores.

So, here are some classic tips about how music prevents driving customers. Follow through:

Often shop owners overlook the most important aspect before buying music for the store- whether the desired music is legal to play or not. You need to go through all the legalities before playing any music in your retail stores. There are individual rules for songs to be played via:

Slight negligence might cause you bucks of penalty. Many businesses often do not pay much attention to confirming whether their source is legal or not which cause them serious damage. Therefore, before playing the background in-store music do check if you are allowed to play them or not.

Your music is a clear depiction of your brand equity. It showcases the core brand foundation. It builds a brand personality and highlights the characteristics of your business. So, always select music that can fit perfectly with your brand tone and voice. Your music will help drive traffic to the store in a subliminal way thereby increasing sales and generating better leads. For instance, if your target audience are juveniles and you run clothing retail, playing pop music, country music or hip hop would do best to keep your shoppers amused.

One serious mistake many retail shop owners make is playing the same tracks that every other store is playing. Usually, these tracks are those that are hitting the top charts in the market. It’s good to add famous tracks in your playlist but do not make a monotonous selection. You must learn how to amaze your buyers and give them a unique shopping experience. They should not consider you just the same as others. You need to stand apart and define your own style. In addition, your music should bring out a unique aspect of your business and that is only possible if you dig up a little and make the right selection. 

Never play the same playlist for weeks. Though it’s a bit time consuming to make a fresh playlist after every couple of weeks, when it comes to generating successful branding you have to bend backwards. Do not let a dull outlook take over your business. You need to keep the environment fresh and enjoyable. Your valued customer may visit your every twice or thrice a month and they should get bored of listening to the same old tracks. Every time they arrive, they should be kept entertained professionally.  

Though customers are your priority when it comes to maintaining a shopping experience, you must not completely forget your staff as well. Your staff members play a significant role in converting your visitors into valued customers. Therefore, your music selection must not be such as to offend, annoy or frustrate your staff. They are the most prominent aspect to bring prosperity to your store and if they are annoyed it will create a negative impact on your store success. The in-store music creates a huge impact on the mood and attitude of your employees. So, be more selective.

Overheard music can be a key element to enhance your store promotion. The customers in your stores are easy to compel. You can use their interest as a driving force to accelerate the outcomes of your business advertisements. You can use overheard music to make the announcement of any new product line, special offers, or updates that can increase your sales.

In a Nutshell

A full in-store experience depends on four basic elements, tempo, volume, genre and message. Your music system should be properly managed and organized keeping in view these four basics. Do not play too loud music that sends the buyers back, avoids delivering unpleasant, argumentative, or controversial messages through your music, and keep the tempo to stir up the store energy. Be vibrant but too braggy. Be sure to throw a professional image of your brand by making an appropriate music selection. Follow these tips to achieve uncountable success.

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