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Spend Less. Sell More.

Ambii is focused on helping your business save money and increase sales to maximize your bottom line.

No New Hardware

No need to buy more hardware. Ambii will run on your existing equipment.

Save on Licensing

All businesses have to pay royalties to artists. We’re the only ones that do it on your behalf.

Increase Sales 9%

Studies show that playing the right music in your store increases sales. We make that much easier.

Smart Curation

Connect your business data and we’ll curate music that has proven to drive sales in your store. 

Earn Ad Revenue

Earn additional
revenue by playing
advertisements to customers in your store.

Music Made for Businesses

Fine-tune your in-store experience, drive greater engagement, and spend less time fiddling with the music and more time focusing on your business. 

  • 200+ Curated Stations for Business Types
  • Search by Genre, Mood, or Energy Level
  • Create your Own Personal Station
  • Filter Out Explicit Tracks
  • Updated Weekly

Can’t find the right station for your business?
Contact us and our experts will build a custom station just for you!

Scheduling Tools

Play the right track at the right time.

Schedule music by time and day of the week to create your desired ambiance throughout the day.

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Increase Your Revenue

Maximize the Potential of your In-Store Audio

We are launching these exclusive tools for free to our most active users.

Earn Advertisement Revenue

Earn additional revenue by becoming an ad partner. Plug your location into our network of advertisers and get an extra check at the end of each month.

Amplify Your Sales

Sync your sales data up with Ambii and we will curate music that boosts customer actions and drives sales using advanced machine learning technology.

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