Influence of COVID-19 on Retail Sales

When the world was struggling to cope up and handle the worsening situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, its greater impact surfaced on the retail industries, which got on its last breath. The dire need to evacuate crowded public places, shut people inside their homes, eliminate every human-human contact sends urged the retailers to adapt. They have to improvise their business model; hence, strived to create multiple sources to sustain operations. 

However, where the brick and mortar stores had to shut down, the e-commerce industry boomed exponentially. The impact of coronavirus reflected differently on both the two modes of retail. As per the Statista report, e-commerce websites generated around 22 billion visits by the end of June 2020. Due to the nationwide lockdown, people had no other option than to browse the online websites.

The Brick and Mortar Stores During COVID-19 Outbreak

In the United States, due to the pandemic, sales of retail stores dropped by 89.3%. All of the luxuriously decorated stores that once depicted lavish lifestyle shutdown for over 6 months period. Only those having an online presence managed to sustain their sales.  

The big names survived whereas thousands of small scale stores couldn’t have managed to restart tier operations. Many labors lost their job and retailers stayed home, with no source of income. However, during this time the need to acquire an online presence surfaced. Many industries, who have yet bene lagging behind struggled to create their online profiles and set up platforms to interact with the consumers who were distressed for drifting away from their normal routine. 

The Psychological Impact of a Prolonged Lockdown

From getting restricted to dine out to enjoy the fulfilled rides at the amusement parks, people were locked away from everything. They were sent back from offices and schools and the cities got shutdown making sure that none stays out. Restrictions on public gatherings and family events were placed. The world turned into a completely different place, which one has never comprehended. Where the officials were enforcing SOPs to eliminate the risk of COVID-19 outbreak, people experienced serious mental and health issues. Huge increase in anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive behaviors were seen in public. 

Cases of mental-health problems raised among societies. COVID-19 not only damaged the world’s economy but it created many health-related concerns that are said to linger among the people for longer. People become frustrated and short-tempered. Families broke down. Kids were isolated and that increased anxiety among them. Gluing eyes to the computer screen and aggressively using smartphones became the norm.

How to Prepare Your Store for A Pandemic Economy?

With the COVID-19, expansions of businesses on the realm of e-commerce have accelerated greatly. Some of the brands quickly moved online whereas a greater proportion of stores are still striving. So, here are some tips to guide on how to prepare your store to do business even during the lockdown.

Evolve Your Business Model To Handle COVID-19 

It’s clear how important the need to go digital has become. You cannot turn a blind eye towards the fact that platform like Facebook and Instagram accounts for over a billion active users. Just by having a simple profile you can gather enough traffic to your store. So, develop a website, give your business a digital outlook and prosper at double the pace. 

Customer-Centric Approach

Retail is now no more about generating dollars, it’s about how well you treat your customers. You have to make sure that your store is following the SOPs sanitized properly and ensure safety for the visitors. Your store should not only focus on increasing sales instead it must be concerned to keep the customers contended. They should feel safe when step inside your outlet. 

Evaluate Your Cost of Doing Business 

Sticking to the conventional form of cost-cutting is long gone. If you want to bring your business to the profit-generating track, you have to think out of the box and evaluate your pricing carefully. As per the immediate aftermath of the pandemic, to become difficult to expect people to spend dollars that easily. So, it’s better to throw some exciting discounts, deals and prepare sales to encourage them to spend. Make your brand an eye candy in many ways. You have to ensure exceptional customer care and enhanced support to win the trust of your audience. 

Opt for Audio Branding

Do you wonder how music can help you boost your sales? Well, it’s not the direction but the indirect influence of good background music on your visitors. Every retail store should have overhead music that can set the mood of the visitors. It helps in keeping the environment fresh and lively. Your choice of tracks should highlight the uniformity of your business. It should depict the traits of your brand’s personality. Store music plays an important role in increasing the duration of making a buying decision. It helps in making the visitor spend more time in the store.

Optimize Your Online Platforms 

As you now that a majority of brands have shifted online, the competition in the retail industry is sky-rocketing. It ha become so intense that whether it’s a small-scale business or a big name in the market, both are striving and stressing upon retaining their customers. In such a time you have to put your focus on factors that can ensure better sales and increased online traffic. You have to optimize your website to make it perform seamlessly. It should be mobile-friendly and interactive. It should have an uncluttered design and a layout that can indulge its visitors. 


Internet of Musical Things | The Future Sounds Good

Do you know about the Internet of musical things? Stick along and learn more. 

Smart security system, wireless headphones, smart home appliances, fitness trackers and wireless earbuds are all the devices that are part of everyday life. Moreover, since the outbreak of COVID-19. AI, technology has facilitated us in many different ways. From ensuring social distancing to tracking the heal records of patients, all such devices and tools fall under Internet-of-Things (IoT). Undoubtedly, it has become the fastest known technology alongside Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Automation.

As per the Gartner report, there will be around 20.4 billion devices with IoT integration by 2024. Not only this, on February 27th, 2020, FRANKLIN, a premier AI company put forward the “State of AI Decision-Making.” According to the report, around 87% of companies stated to have prospered by the hard benefits of the AI. Among the many outcomes of AI integration enhanced customer experience, increased cost reduction and improved revenue generation are the most significant primary drivers up to 53%, 48% and 39% respectively.

AI and IoT both add to the efficiency of a device. They take connectivity to another level. The key facet to integrate IoT in a device is to maximize its performance and cover up any security hole. The adoption of this technology is so massive that it has now made roots in multiple fields and industries as well. 

Let’s dive into learning more about Internet of Musical Things, (IoMusT)?

The Scope of Internet of Musical Things 

Luca Turchet et.al described IoMusT as  “computing device capable of sensing and exchanging data to serve a musical purpose.”

If smart flaming, AR games, self-healing machines and activity trackers are some of the renowned Internet of things examples then IoMusT application is present in smart studio production, VR experience, immersive concert and haptic device. In short. devices and tools that can enhance the musical experience fall under Internet of Musical Things. 

The Internet of Musical Things, embedded in a device, gathers digital data and process it in a way that builds a strong human-device connection that results in providing an added experience. The need for customization and personalization is steering since the integration of AI in music. Now devices are being designed that can give a more realistic experience to the listener or the user.

How IoMusT Works in Musical Devices 

Smart devices have IoMusT integration. They exchange musically-relevant digital data with each other alongside communicating with the network of external devices as well. Moreover, these devices enhance the communication between the performer and the audience. They leverage the sense of touch and enhance audio quality as well. They can be co-related to remote accessories. On the whole, with the help of Internet of Musical Things, you can elevate the experience for the audience making them enjoy better and greater. It enriches creative participation where every individual gets involved and a single rhythm generates among the audience. It’s more like controlling your audience single-handedly. 

Musical Things connects by infrastructure enabling multidirectional communication between the composer and the stakeholder, both locally and remotely. Bringing novel forms to establish interactions, it has the capabilities to revolutionize the means of providing music and entertainment.

Integration of Internet of Musical Things 

Furthermore, IoMusT integration gives rise to a new family of sensors enhance musical gatherings. Actuators on-boarding processing and wireless connectivity are some of the functionalities accessible through the technology. Have you seen the Smart Guitar which was developed in the MIND Music Lab? That’s the great example of IoMusT integration. Apart from this, musical haptic wearables are also becoming trendy in the music industry. These devices ensure tracking gestures, haptic simulation, wireless connectivity and take note of physiological parameters.

Moreover, the application of IoMust integration appeared in the famous concert of Taylor Swift, the 1989 Tour, where the crowd had light-up bracelets to synchronize their coordination with the music. The light-sensing the vibes and energy of the environments influencing by the music beats were blinking showing the common rhythm. It was a translucent silicon bracelet that turned the concert into something unforgettable. The artist controlled the minds of the audience smartly.

The Essential Components Involved In The IoMusT integration

To understand The Internet of Musical Things, you need to ponder on certain hardware and software components essential for integration. 

  • Musical Things 

Musical Things consists of devices that have connectivity, sensing, and actuating capabilities. These software components fit into physical devices, which either the audience or the artist can use. You must have seen the augmented guitar having wireless sensors, and Soundbrenner is some common applications. 

  • Connectivity 

You can create wired or wireless connectivity using IoMusT integration. It helps in forming remote communications. The integrated devices connect using standard protocols that enable enhanced compatibility and interoperability.

  • Apps and Services

If you want to create a more interactive experience you can go for web tools and APIs that ensure meaningful deliverance of music. You can connect your audience to the smart musical instruments that ensure to build a strong connection and indulge your listeners more profoundly. Moreover, it facilitates e-learning as well. The viewer will get connected to your smart instrument let say a guitar and will follow your lead. In this way, it will get easier to learn a lesson and understand the basics.

Solutions and Challenges of The IoMusT 

The challenges faced during the integration of Internet of Musical Things is much same as that of IoT; however, as IoMusT is related to only creating dependency with synchronization between certain design constraints and enhancing device compatibility, its drawbacks get limited.

Winding Down 

Internet of Musical Things is an undoubtedly brilliant innovation that truly transforms the way one enjoys music. However, just like every other technology it to has some lacking and challenges which developers have to overcome. Apart from that, on the whole, it helps in magnifying the thrill and bring the music composer closer to his audience on a greater level.


Amazing Growth Tips To Increase Your Retail Store Sales

As a result of fast-paced globalization, marketers focus on increasing retail store sales. However, the industry is revolutionizing at a faster pace. According to Statista, the projected sales in retail are expected to generate around 26.7 trillion U.S. dollars by 2022. Being one of the most profitable industries both of the retail outlets- the brick and mortar stores and online e-commerce platforms, are booming. 

However, pandemic has improvised the retail practices making the industry safer to interact with. Things are not the same as they were a year before. From the way, consumers interact with brands along with business practices are all seem to have transformed by the pandemic. Now following SOPs become the norm of the society including the commercial market.

Retail Store Sales Growth Hacks To Follow 

As you know how saturated the ecommerce retail industry has become, you need to have a diver set of retail selling strategies that give you more than a single outlet to do business. So, here is a curated list of trends, tips and hacks to help you sail through during such a competitive time. Read on and follow through!   


Measure to instil confidence in your consumers is the basic and most important objective of retail stores nowadays, since the outbreak. people are worried and anxiously locked in their homes. They prefer to make as little contact as physically as possible. And when they do they make sure to stay safe. 

Now it’s on you how you make your store hygienic and a preferable spot for the consumers. Keep the environment clean and move the racks to a certain distance. Divide the operational activities. Allocate different task to your teams. Make sure that your store does not have any crowd-centering spot. Not only this., make sure to advocate it on social media as well. Stay vocal about your SOPs strategies to let your target audience know how concerned for their health you are.  

Optimize Your Store’s online Presence

Becoming an entrepreneur is easy as small business staring looks fancy but sustaining its success and positioning it the right way in the market are the two most fundamental aspects that predict your success scope. 

When optimizing your presence, you need to ponder on a number of aspects. The first one is the address and contacting information. You need to maintain a fully updated address online. Share good reviews of your customers and showcase how inclined you are towards achieving total customer satisfaction. Add some pictures of your store and services, make your audience aware of your business.

Improvise Your Checkout Terminals 

You need to offer the most simplified solutions to shop. Introduce the use of barcodes. Make your entire stock available online where your customers can mark his favorites and book a visit to try. Now this will lessen the time spend in your store. Your visitor will know exactly what he has to get, will try out and head to the terminal. Now here you can introduce barcode readers which will speed up the checkout process. This entire journey will be favorable during the pandemic and even after it. It will not the crowd gathering around your checkout terminals let alone the racks of your store. 

Consider Mobile Ordering 

One of the safest yet the most prosperous technique to boost your sales is through mobile ordering. People are more laid-back these days. They do not want to get up and head to the store let alone roam around and toss and turn between the many options you provide. So, it’s always best to adopt a mobile ordering technique. Organize an online store and let them order on call or through the online portals. Around 69% of consumers are happy to have a mobile ordering option.

Make Your Social Media Presence

Getting on social media is at the top in small businesses marketing hacks. As you know that social sites account for 3.5 billion active users, the renowned platforms are the most prospective spots to spread your brand awareness. Whether you have a big store to brag or not, if you know how to impress the audience on social platforms you will take a leap to quick success in no time.

Stay consistent and opt for techniques that allow you to get close to your target audience. Following are some most preferred tactics:

  • Social Media Stories
  • Vlogs
  • Post with Visuals
  • Video Marketing 
  • Contest and Polls 

Upgrade Your in Retail Store Sales Professionals 

Have you ever purchased a product after getting impressed by its salesperson? The auro, attitude and personality of your sales professionals matter greatly in generating more purchases. 

Your sales professional should have certain qualities and traits like the one mentioned below:

  • Product Knowledge- He should know what he is selling and how it can be helpful or preferable for the consumer. 
  • Confidence- He should have the confidence to talk and communicate with the visitors. Shy, reserved, and dull professionals are a complete misfit in retail stores. 
  • Interactive- Some customers are open to suggestions. You must have been around some confused buyers. If you have an interactive salesperson you can give your buyers a little push they crave. 
  • Professional Personality- No need to hire a model for your store. Get a person on board with an attractive professional personality to appeal the visitors.

How Overhead Music Increases Your Retail Store Sales 

incorporating audio branding in your sales plan is the most exceptional technique. You get to create a soothing, refreshing and energetic in-store environment. You can check Ambii to help you get licensed music for your brand. Make sure that your music is according to the tone and voice of our brand and is interesting enough to spark some energy in your visitors.

Winding Down

On the whole, make plans that ensure an increased sales and enhanced growth. Opt for creative ways like offering amazing discounts for sidewalk sales or be more targeted in your promotional practices. Keep in mind how you can engage your audience and reap benefits out of your strategies. 


Ways To Play Licensed Music For Your Business

Now and then. cafes, diners. outlets or public avenues making headlines for not playing licensed music in their premises. Sued by agencies like BMI music, the cafe though not known to many, get on the headlines for their slight negligence.

It’s understandable how important overhead music in to set the mood of the place, but it’s necessary to see if you have a licensed playlist or not. So, before you get ambushed by any copyrights agency like BMI music licensing, its time you prepare your grounds and get a firm foundation to your audio branding campaign. 

Nevertheless, before you opt to have a licensed playlist there are certain things that needs your attention. Know which sort of music you want for your brand. You must not be paying for the tracks that are inappropriate for your outlet or café. 

So, here are some valuable tips on how to select the right playlist for branding and secondly the right way to get a legal music for your outlet, café or store. Read on!

Guide To Play The Right Licensed Music 

“Music can make a big difference to how customers perceive your venue. The right music can make people like your space more – and spend more money in it.”- Magnus Ryden

Music helps revive a place and wipe off mundane auro along with igniting an energetic spark within the visitors. So, to make your store a desirable spot, here are some useful tips for you to follow:

  • Bear In Mind The Preferences of Your Visitors 

You are not playing to keep yourself amused or showcase a pompous outlook of your outlet, rather playing to keep the visitors enthralled. You aim to keep your customers entertained and make them like your place. So, considering that, a good playlist can be organized if you delve deeper into the market and learn about your target visitors.

  • Depict Your Brand Personality 

The music playing in your store rightly throws the light on your brand equity. You need to select the tracks that can highlight your brand’s image and help you spread its recognition to far and wide. So, when preparing the playlist for your outlet or cafe keep in mind the key elements that your brand’s personality carries.

How To Find an Incredible Source of Licensed Music for Your business

When it comes to music copyrights, there are two kinds of legalization that you require. First one involves composition which covers everything from lyrics to tone to rhythm and notes. The second one is the one which you need is permission for public performance rights to the music playing. With this license, you can play and download music from any site and can play it anywhere you want.

In the United States of America, four reliable PROs are there that can help you get the public performance rights certificate. These agencies include GMR, BMI, SESAC, and ASCAP. These entities have their own catalogue of music which they control. They give you the license to play which any music you want. Apart from them, there are other platforms as well that you’re going to discover in this blog.

Step #1: Evaluate Your Needs

Certain aspects are there that needs your attention. You need to ask yourself questions that will guide and help you to know what your business really wants in terms of audio branding. Queries like:

  • Do I need to play overhead music in my store?
  • What are the preferences of my target visitors?
  • Should I stick to slow and jazz-like a genre or prefer something pop and indie-pop?
  • Does having a live DJ suitable for my brand?
  • Can I earn revenue through audio branding?

Step #2: Radio: Zero Cost but No Control

Those who want to completely avoid paying a penny to play overhead music opt for radio as their main source of entertainment. But the major flaw of intriguing a radio in your outlet, cafe or diner is uncertainty and the risk of spoiling your brand image. As you know there is zero cost to listen to the songs on the radio, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s uncontrollable. You do not know which track gets played the very next moment. In addition, the RJ handling the channel would be interacting with the public during or after the track is played. Now you surely do not want uninteresting chatters filling the air in your outlet.

Step #3: B2B Solutions- Freedom To Play With Limited Control

If you do not want to spend bucks legalizing every track you want to play and still want to enjoy licensed music you can turn towards opting for the B2B audio branding solution. Many companies are surfacing within the industry that offers licensed music with a minimal per month subscription charges. Among the names, the prominent ones are Spotify for business and Envato.

These service providers handle all the matters related to licensing the music or the artists but the only flaw is that it restricts the right to the tracks being played. This technique though provides a Pandora list of music but does not allow granular control.

Step #4: Direct Licensing

The next and the simplest option is to opt for direct licensing. By going through this process you do not have to worry about a thing. You can select the track you want and organize the playlist in your own style. The ambiance of your store or café will all be in your control. 

Step #5: How Ambii Can Provide A Much Better Option To Enjoy Licensed Music 

Ambii is the platform that provides licensed music for free, isn’t it amazing? It promises to provide over 200 curated stations with an incredible range of features. You get the control to thousands of different tracks and can play whichever music you want to enhance the feel, ambience and energy level of place. You do not have to get involved in legalizing the tracks, Ambii will handle everything for you.

Wrap Up

So, these are some incredible ways to help you get licensed music for your store or diner. You can liven up your place and enhance your brand recognition without getting yourself in any trouble. 


Why Nike Customers Yearn To Visit Their Stores

Wonder why Nike customers love the brand? It’s right to say that Nike is the most recognized sportswear across the globe. Not only does the name reside in the mind of every consumer, but its unique logo appears instantly when here the brand name. But what made Nike so renowned, so popular?

Nike storesAccording to Statista, Nike customers made the brand established a total of 1,048 retail stores globally. Two of the most important aspects of their business model that made them recognized are vision and an aim to keep customers contended. Every sportswear collection that hits the market depicts innovation and uniqueness.

On the other hand, its brick and mortar stores, official sites and all the other business avenues thrive to keep customers indulged and catered most professionally. The company ensured a firm footing in the industry by relying on these two major aspects that helped them generate triple folds on investments.

The Decline of Brick and Mortar Stores

Whether you call it retail apocalypse a mere culling of a herd, but retail stores are not being preferred over online stores. Here’s why!

  • Ambience vs Aesthetics

Today, retail stores are more crowded, loaded with collections and creates a stressful environment. The moment a brand launches its sales offers thousands of people come running after the aisles grabbing dresses and ruining the ambience. Whereas, the opposite happens online. The online stores provide personalized, hassle-free and easy to navigate user experience. You do not have to push pass visitors to have the dress you want. The interface remains aspects and everything work in proper order.

What Sets Nike Stores Apart

Nike retail stores are something to take an example from. Whenever you visit a Nike store the one thing that hits you is their minimalist approach. They keep indoors spacious and minimalist. Their target audience is sports person and strives to capture their attention. Nike stores are built with a decent color that reflect brand uniformity. Every corner of the store reflects sports men spirit. They are designed to encourage visitors and to stay eye-pleasing.

The Promising Marketing Practices of Nike Customer Care

According to the Social Currency report published in 2016, Nike received Social Currency composite score of 120. This is one of the leading brand that has focused on its audience and dug out ways to connect with them. The survey was carried out among more than 90 influential and leading brands. Nike positioned itself at the top in terms of having the strongest customer relationships and social currency rates. The basics to have such a level of connection rely on certain aspects, which are as follows:

  • Decision making with limited efforts and time
  • Utilizing social content to connect with the audience
  • Making your brand appear on all the relevant places
  • Getting into the shoes of your audience to come up with the most valuable solution
  • Providing affordable pricing

From In-Store Environment to Branding Tactics- About Nike Customer Care 

“Today consumers don’t serve brands; they serve themselves. They use their social connections to create their reality, to manage their lives, to get the job done whether it is searching, evaluating, or buying or using a product or service or brand, and proactively talk about brands only in so far as it helps them establish themselves.” posted in News Brief

Considering the behavior of consumers, Nike customer keeps on improvising its strategies and ensure to keep them closer. The marketing case studies shows how they ponder on every possibility and avenue to step closer to their target audience. Through TV commercials, paid advertisements., social media platforms, influencer marketing and in-store branding tactics, they capture the mind of their target audience. Nike has almost 1,096 stores around the world and each one of them depict uniformity irrespective to which region they are located at.

Triggers Emotions

triggers emotionsThe key elements of their marketing campaigns are comfort and enthusiasm. They tend to trigger the emotions of consumers by showcasing bold, daring and athletic commercials, posters and inn-store ambiance.

Nike with its unmatched vision and determination to reach out to the audience most professionally made the firm achieve 96% share in the market. Their sales output is showcased in the picture.

Nike’s In-Store Technology Enhances Customer Experience

Nike leaves no stone unturned to emulate their success. The best thing is how proficiently they incorporate the use of technology. Their in-store technology helps build a serene and inspiring customer experience. They use audio branding through leading platforms like Ambii to drive the attention of visitors and keep the shopping spirit high.

The tracks played at the store or the music selected to set the mood helps in keeping up a rhythm and maintaining freshness in the environment. The platforms like Ambii provides real-time suggestions to switch tracks that creates an impact on the overall environment of the store.

Apart from this. around 67% of buyers often leave the store empty-handed. They cannot find the product in the store they liked online. However, Nike has a QR code reading system which quickly helps them get the product they are looking for. Not only this, visitors on Nike’s online platform ca even book product trying session. They select the number of products they wish to try-on and head to the store to grab them.

Nike’s customer support revolves around providing their client with utmost convenience. By leveraging technology, Nike not only improves in-store experience but manufactures unbeatable product line.

Winding Down

As the technological advancements begin to capture every industry, big brands like Nike don’t stay refrained from leveraging it for their betterment. Nike is gradually improvising its strategies to run its physical as well as online stores. It is now introducing a hyper-personalized shopping experience for its consumers through digital integration. Whether it’s the introduction of in-store audio branding or the inclusion of barcode readers, Nike stays ahead of the curve and surprises customers by covering uo all of their pain points with perfection.


Reasons To Adopt an AI-based Consumer Driving Model

AI-based consumer model has become an integral part of the business strategy. Artificial Intelligence is triggering many speculations for years. Some of the common titles of AI include “biggest existential threats”,dangerous than nuke” and “a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization.” 

“We are headed towards a situation where AI is vastly smarter than humans. I think that time frame is less than five years from now,” Elon Musk (The founder of Tesla & SpaceX)

However, one can’t overlook its contribution to bringing transformation in almost every industry it be healthcare or retail. AI has triggered a wave of modernization and advancements. Taking over every industry and field it is improving functionality, accelerating productivity and creating a progressive wave.

AI-Based Consumer Model Contribution in Different Industries 

In the healthcare department, AI and machine learning have improved life expectancy rate, introducing cures to deadly diseases and injuries, assisting surgeons to carry out operations and surgeries along with being a helping hand in many healthcare departments. Recently, with the outbreak of COVID-19, the installation of many AI bots in the hospitals in playing a role in saving many doctors from getting exposed to the virus. In such a way, AI has been a great help during the pandemic. AI bots also helps in disinfecting the environment and to carry out many human-interacting tasks in the hospitals.

In the IT sector, it has brought a massive transformation. Moreover, integrated with AI appeared in many smartphones and responsive platforms. It speeds up the functionality giving a highly engaging user experience to the audience. User-centric platforms are being developed to provide personalized and customized experiences. Moreover, features like facial recognition, voice recognition and seamless functionality are being added in smart devices. Thus, highlighting the need to adopt AI-based consumer model. 

AI in Retail 2020

Ecommerce retail industry has been the one where the integration of Artificial Intelligence proved meaningful and practical. AI can automate every aspect in the retail industry to boost scaling, accuracy and efficiency of the business. consumerYou can automate inventory management, custom data collection, and now even customer care. However, when we talk about AI and its contribution to the customer care department, there are further speculations made from many tech savvies.

Furthermore, with the use of algorithms, AI can collect customer data even from an unstructured format. It can scoop into the market and gather relevant details to understand the behavioral patterns of the customers and retailers. Furthermore, AI helps in decision making. It assists retailers in forecasting the market trends and in keeping customers entertained in real-time.

Data Creation And Labelling

The retail indsutry is facing many challenges, among them the most stressful is inaccurate and inconsistent product tagging. You can efficiently use AI-powered bots to resolve things that digitalize the process of organizing data in proper sequence in no time. Moreover, the SEO tags and description are helping arrange the products making it easier for the Google bots to track and rank the listings.

AI-Based Consumer Model Drives Better Decisions 

AI with its deep learning technology makes it easier to structure data. It assists in categories of products into different sections based on their appearance and specifications. AI-based With respect to the neckline, cuts., colors, fabric, and styling the product is categorized. Before, the use of AI it was nearly impossible and extremely stressful for humans.

Apart from this, it helps retailers to create data models that derive insights helping them to make predictive decision makings. They forecast the sales and can make lead generating data decisions. 

Product Discovery

AI has made product discovery for both the retailer and the consumer easier. The integrated bots are not only assisting retailers in discovering products from the massive inventories but are helping consumers as well. Chatbots surfaced with the advancements of AI in retail. With that the written customer support improvised massively. The bots read customer behavior and suggest them with appropriate retail suggestions. 

AI and Audio Branding 

The superhuman intelligence of Artificial Intelligence has been full of wonders for the retail industry. It can be used to set the ambience of brick and mortar stores. By allowing AI to set the overhead music in your stores you can keep your visitors enthralled and amused; making them stay in the store for longer. Platforms like Ambii can be a great solution as it introduces AI in music to power struck your branding for better outcomes. 

How Does Ambii Help The Retails Industry?

Audio branding is a major technique to ensure better prosperity of a brick and mortar store; however, companies has to go through copyright issues. That’s where Ambii comes to help by providing licensed music to the stores. It’s a platform that connects AI and retail to breed greater prosperity for a business. With the use of AI, it reads customer behavior and suggest playlist that can set the mood to encourage buyers and visitors to stay. 

“AI Can’t Replace Human Touch”- The Speculation That Is Making Headlines

What’s your opinion over it- can AI replace the human touch? The major aspects supporting this speculation throws light on the preferences of humans over technology. People might rely on bots taking patients record but when it comes to operating surgeries a patient would rely on a human doctor. Similarly, when it comes to scrolling an e-store a Chatbot might give you the suggestions you want, but you would crave to interact with a human salesperson for placing a bigger order.

Robots replaced many employees in a restaurant in San Fransisco. There were bots taking orders, greetings visitors, and even mopping floors. Using technology they monitored and operated everything. Only a few people liked it and a major group of his audience disapprove this practice.

Wrap Up

Hence, as per the many speculations AI cannot replace the human touch which could not be right. As nobody likes to accept the change. People have bene relying on human for ages and opting for technology is surely a greater revolution which will take time to adjust in the society. After all, one cannot overlook the capabilities of AI as stated by Alan Turing– the father of Artificial Intelligence:

“This is only foretaste of what is to come, and only the shadow of what is to be…it may take years before we settle down to the new possibilities, but I do not see why it should not enter any one of the fields normally covered by human intellect, and eventually compete on equal terms.” -The Times quoting Alan Turing


Holistic Branding: How To Enhance Your Brand Recognition?

To establish a brand recognition, you need to learn how to reach out to your target audience. You have to create such a personality of your business that can attract your audience and convert them effortlessly. Therefore, when promoting your business, you must pay attention to some of the most significant aspects described in the blog.

“Your brand is your public identity, what you’re trusted for. And for your brand to endure, it has to be tested, redefined, managed, and expanded as markets evolve. Brands either learn or disappear.”- American Entrepreneur Lisa Gransky

Fundamentals To Enhance Your Brand Recognition

The three most significant aspects to foundation a prosperous brand recognition campaign are:

  • Brand Voice
  • Unique Selling Proposition 
  • Target Audience

Brand Voice- How It Defines Your Business 

“Voice” the frequently occurring word associated with branding but what’s that mean and why is it so important in the online world? 

Today almost every interaction a brand makes with its customers is through written content. Your selection of words, expression and style all account to create a brand voice. Your style of communication to deliver your bran’s message indicates a brand image. brand voiceTherefore, you need to have a unique tone and voice to help your customers distinguish content with that of your competitors to get surfaced as a prominent identity.

Let’s take the example of two companies offering the same items- The Duluth Trading Company and The North Face. The former one has a more humorous, cheerful and entertaining tone in the branding campaigns while the latter prefer to stick with sleek, inspiring and polished style to brand its products. So, that’s how each of them has to build a distinctive brand identity by adopting a different voice.

What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition & Why Is It So Important? 

USPIndustries over the internet are flooded with a fierce competition where each brand is striving to snatch the limelight. In such a time, what makes you stand out is your unique selling proposition. It’s that aspect of your business that influences the decision making the journey of your customer. Moreover, when you create a deliberated USP it helps reinforce your marketing strategy that ultimately creates an impact on your overall copywriting, branding and various other marketing decisions.  

A benefitting USP should be based on the following three factors:

  • Focus On Customer’s value- You need to give your customers what they need. 
  • Has Some Weightage and Value- Though you create a compelling slogan to highlight your USP but your claims should be worth relying on. Your USP should reliable. 
  • Assertive, but Defensible- When claiming to be the “best manufacturer” you need to have the capabilities to stand on your words as well.

For instance, the famous multinational chain of hamburgers, Burger King stands out with its inspiring and unconventional marketing stunts. However, the most inspiring aspect lies in its unique selling proposition which is “Have it your way”. Its USP allows the foodies to be in control of how they want and what they need in their burger. It heightens their level of satisfaction and drives huge traffic towards the brand.

Remember Your Target Audience- Crucial For Brand Recognition

No matter how much you brainstorm an idea to create a killing advertising campaign if you fail to understand your target audience all your efforts will go down the drain. You need to know how to position your brand among your audience. 

Your strategies, ideas and execution, everything should revolve around your audience. Brands today are focusing on innovative concepts and marketing hacks that can interact with their audience and garner attention. Furthermore, you can utilize the power of social media, paid marketing, search engine optimization or even audio branding to create a smooth sales funnel by attracting your prospective customers. Introduce something that can create a bond with your customers. 

Audio Branding- The Unique Marketing Technique

A business has two major outlets to interact with the customers- through the online platforms and from its brick and mortar store. Both of these avenues go hand in hand in accelerating the prosperity of a business. 

Brands need to focus on the impression their brick and mortar stores throws at their visitors. You need to get close to your target audience in all the ways possible. 

Here audio branding plays the finest role by setting up the mood and highlighting a brand’s voice through a selected playlist. With the help of overhead music in the stores, brands are leaving no area unturned to keep their audience entertained and catered. The royalty-free music showcase uniformity, appeal and indulge the visitors which influence many factors such as:

  • The buying decision 
  • The average time spent in the store 
  • The mood of the visitors

Moreover, through audio branding you highlight your brand equity. The genres you choose, the tracks you select should all depict uniformity with your brand. You can find a number of resources and platforms that provides custom audio branding services such as Ambii. 

How Ambii Contributes To Your Success

Ambii is a royalty-free music provider that helps businesses with their audio branding needs. The platform will analyse your business voice and personality along with digging into your market to understand your target audience before creating a custom playlist. 

Moreover, with the help of AI integration, Ambii reads the behaviour of your visitors and improvise the playlist to cheer up the auro of your store. Each track chosen will create an impact on the behaviour of your visitors.

Ambii assists brands to build up an attractive ambience of their store. The curated stations help business create an amazing playlist that can effectively engage the visitors. Moreover, the platform gets updated with new tracks every week. In this way, you can pace up with the ongoing trendy music. 

Wrapping Up 

Your brand image needs to be fresh, consistent, unique, and valuable. Whether you opt to create compelling content or prefer going with the audio branding technique make sure that your marketing campaign connects with the target audience. It should present uniqueness in your services making it stand out from the clutters.


Top Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Guerilla Marketing is a smart advertising technique that is based on the element of surprise. Driven through the warfare guerilla technique to disguise and ambush, this strategy revolves around creating a highly unconventional campaign. It can catch the audience’s attention. It involves such techniques that garner attention and positions your brand in the market most effectively.

Guerrilla advertising is one of the most challenging techniques driving creativity and boldness in a brand equity. The high imagination involved grabs the viewer’s attention. It indulges them in the immersive execution of the marketing idea. It creates an unforgettable impression and sticks in the head of the viewer for longer. In an unpredicted and unconventional manner, the brand is positioned in the market driving extraordinary response and impeccable results.

Types of Guerrilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing involves four basic types of techniques. Each one of them can generate uncountable outcomes if implemented in the right way. So, here they are:

  • Outdoor Guerilla Marketing 

Use the pre-existing urban environment as a prop and add something related to your brand identity on it. You can put artwork on the sidewalk, statue or on the roadside walls. 

  • Indoor Guerilla Marketing

You can utilize the pre-existing indoor environment for your marketing campaign. Paste attention-grabbing poster at locations like cafes, train stations, universities or at any most crowded place.

  • Organise An Event To Ambush The Audience 

Make a surprise appearance in an ongoing event to steer the heads towards your brand. You can leverage the audience of a concert or any crowded gathering and make a noticeable appearance capturing the most attention.

  • Experiential Guerilla Marketing

When using the above mentioned techniques execute in a way that the public can make an interaction with your marketing idea. It will implant your brand more firmly in their head.

How Guerrilla Marketing is Used Today?

The best thing about Guerilla marketing is its budget-friendliness. You do not need huge bucks to get your message heard. All you need is to gear up your creative mind to come up with an out of the box idea to market your product and present your business. So, here are some inspiring examples of how some of the recognised brands around the world have utilized this marketing technique.


Frontline, the manufacturer of fleas and lies preventing products, is the best example of using the indoors to promote their product. They painted a giant picture of a god on the floor of a crowded mall making the humans be the insect-illusion on it.

The picture so perfectly gives the people walking across it the illusion of insects. Such creativity is hard to ignore. The makers very well knew that people will stare down at the picture from other floors. So, in this way, a large number of visitors will get to check out their branding style.

Moreover, figure out how your audience can involuntarily interact with your unconditional sale technique. In addition, learn about your brand speciality in an instant.


When talking about mind-blowing ideas the technique GoldToe used will sweep you off. Guerrilla marketing is based on bold and daring ideas and that’s what they did by putting on underwear on an iconic charging bull statue. Moreover, thousands of people took pictures and recorded the scene and it became one of the most talked-about ideas in the market. How simply they steered the attention and communicated what the brand was about.

Low-Budget Tactics To Boost Sales Through Guerrilla Marketing

Search engine optimization, pay per click and email advertising are all the usual marketing hacks but what unearths greater possibilities is guerrilla marketing. The way you use the element of surprise predict the scope of your success. It is the most low budget technique that reaps higher and far-reaching benefits.

The Psychology of Freebies

Who doesn’t like free stuff? In fact, the word “Free” is not only irresistible but the most favourite word of ever consumer, irrespective of the industry. An unexpected gift voucher, discounted deals and coupons are some of the marketing tactics that quickly accelerate retail sales and excitement among the audience.

Free giveaway is one of the tactics used in guerrilla marketing as well. Many brands like Spotify and Netflix provide free access to auto branding songs, shows and movies only to capture the attention of its target audience.

You have often come across deals like “Buy one Get one Free”. In such offers the consumer intending to buy a product at half a price end up purchasing more than he has planned. It brings enormous profit to the brand. It helps in expanding clientele and boost brand recognition.

By giving away a simple discount brand foresee a prosperous future for their business. A customer feels delighted to receive the discount or gift hampers and feels obliged to pay back the brand in some ways. He either refer it to his friends or plans to browse the catalogue to shop. Everything revolves around how good you treat your customers. If you succeed in keeping them contended your sales funnel will remain overloaded.


To stay at the top in the online world you need to bring advance and innovative features in your branding campaign. Snapchat and Instagram have introduced the geofencing feature where the app tracks the current location of the user and offer different filters related to that place. In this way, you can provide a more personalized user experience. With such a feature more users feel motivated to use the app. You can try this technique; it requires a little improvisation to your application to generate promising outcomes. 

Wrapping Up 

With Guerilla marketing you can capture the attention of your target audience in a unique way. You can stick your brand at the back of their head and psychologically convince them to lay trust on your services. You appearing at all the unexpected places will make them pay more attention to your advertisements helplessly and that’s when you hit the right nerve. So, be creative with your ideas.


How Ambii Walks the Talk in the Store Music Category?

Overhead store music plays a vital role in keeping the visitors engaged. To make sure your customers and visitors to the store stay entertained, consider store music a smart branding solution. But did you ever wonder if your overhead music playlist is even legal or not? 

All sorts of music including tracks, songs or complete albums are all protected through some copyright laws which every business should follow. Royalty-free music for your business gives the exclusive rights to use the tracks in your store for any purpose. Moreover, when you rely on secure and protected music you dodge the damage ranges from $750 per violation to $150,000. 

Peter Strand, an entertainment once stated music to be a “commodity just like anything else” in society. Where it helps businesses to bring many positive outcomes, it can ruin your earnings with the damage charged upon you by the respective music track owner.

About Ambii- The Overhead Store Music Solution 

Ambii, a virtual jukebox, is one of the most renowned platforms that provide outstanding audio branding solutions to retail stores. Unlike Spotify, the individual music listening platform, Ambii forms a social listening music avenue. It ensures to bring unmatched outcomes on the sales and progress of businesses irrespective to which industry they belong. 

It delivers a curate of music manually or with the help of AI bots. Through the integration of artificial intelligence, the bots suggest which track to play after reading and observing the target audience. Ambii sets the mood of the place and provides suggestions of music that can keep a majority of people enthralled.

Store Music Features Of Ambii For A Progressive Buying Journey

Ambii with its massive collection provides engaging and interesting shopping music for your retail stores. It has over 200 impressive and popular playlists with a curate of tracks and music. The best thing about the app is that it gets weekly updates so your customers will never be refrained from enjoying the trendiest track.

Keeping personalization in the business model, Ambii ensures to set an appropriate mood, rhythm, tempo and genre of the store. It analyses the customer’s behaviour and provides tracks that can influence their attitudes and energy level, making them more involved in your products. 

Apart from this, Ambii provides business-centric features that include explicit filters, day partying and in-store messaging. By integrating with your currently installed point of sale system, the platform will help you get a massive amount of music easily and in a completely hassle-free manner. Furthermore, with Ambii operating in your store, you not only get a fair use of music but can localize and interact with your target audience thus enhancing the overall engagements.

The Unmatched Outcomes A Retail Store Can Generate Using Ambii

Ambii is the most profitable solution when it comes to rising the revenue generation of your stores by keeping the visitors enthralled. With little investment, you can generate double folds of revenues. You do not need hardware nor any large equipment with lots of connections to create a channel to get the music. Everything will be operated via the cloud using AI integrated bots. 

Secondly, you get to save on licensing the music as businesses pay royalties to the respective artist which is much more convenient. You get to play all the tracks in a completely risk-free manner. 

As per the statistics, by playing background music in your store you can achieve a steady 9% increment in your overall sales all along expanding your clientele. 

Furthermore, what’s best than having the superhuman intelligence of artificial intelligence operating the environment of your store? With Ambii you get the assistance of smart bots to analyse the appropriate tempo for your store that can influence in enhancing the store sales. 

With all these features helping you reap profits out of your store, there is one most impressive aspect of revenue generation in Ambii’s business model. You can play advertisements for other businesses or channels in your store that can create a separate progressive stream of revenues for you.

How Ambi Makes Money 

Ambii renowned for providing legal audio branding services to businesses has two most impressive ways to generate money. 

  • Advertisements

By collaborating with retail stores and businesses we collect data that is further used by many advertising agencies and brands for the promotion of different products. Through this channel, we streamline revenues. So, in this way, with data, we generate $60/mo whereas without data we can generate up to 21/mo per store.

  • Subscriptions

If a store prefers not to opt for the advertisement plan, we charge the subscription amount which is around $16/mo. So, that’s how we create a sound channel of revenue generation.

How Ambii Drives Huge Outcomes & Engagements To Your Store

Ambii stands apart with its impressive offerings due to a number of incredible reasons. All of its offerings are targeted to bring prosperity to the scope of your business. It limits the offline playing mode that provides radio licensing, which accounts for 13% of revenue generation.

The platform is free to listen to music. It ensures to bring a change in the environment and progress of a business as well. It provides unbeatable upsell opportunities to brands by providing the most suitable tracks and genres. Moreover, it lowers the CAC by allowing bundling as its foremost marketing foundation. 

All in all, Ambii helps you stand out from the clutters. It ensures to improve the ambience of your store making it more likeable by the visitors. Along with a well organised but targeted playlist but can also dig out better avenues for increased revenue generation. You get to incorporate the power of AI into your business model. It can maximise your brand recognition in a smart way with impressive audio branding solution.


How Overhead Music Drives Consumers Emotionally To The Stores

The Pied Piper Used Music To Boost His Business. Do you? A study presented in the Frontiers in Psychology Journal stated how music drives consumers by triggering the following four responses among the listeners:

  • Arousal
  • Cognitive
  • Emotional
  • Social

It’s far more impactful than being just a source of entertainment.  It creates a strong impact on the emotional well-being of the listener. In addition, Music drives consumers as it evokes powerful emotions that trigger progressive decision making.

In stores, overhead music influences consumers’ action tendencies. Every beat and note create a unique impact on the human brain. If you ponder on deep music psychology, you will learn how every genre creates a distinctive outcome. A certain rhythm fills your heart with sadness while the other one rejoices with its sweetness. The profound impact of music becomes evident if you look at its role in the retail industry.

How Overhead Music Drives Consumers Of The Retail Industry

“Just as interior design is part of the in-store experience, music has become an important competitive tool for business owners.”

Have you ever noticed that every other retail store has some background music constantly entertaining its buyers and visitors? What’s the science behind playing tracks at a retail store? How does the overhead music influence consumers’ decisions, motivating them to purchase?  Let’s dig in a bit about shopping music and the psychological impact it creates on the buyers.

Consumer Behaviour

Based on the findings presented in a (North, et al., 1999) study, consumers in a Supermart were exposed to two different in-store music- French and German tracks. According to the results, with German tracks, French wine sale accelerated. However, with French tracks, the German wine sale outshined. Hence, the right audio branding greatly impacts a store’s success.


Accelerated Sales

Famous research named Miliman (1982) showed a staggering increase of 34% in the time a buyer spends in a supermarket having impactful background music which led to a boost in the overall sale. Music tends to hold the attention of a buyer. It indulges buyers in the auro of the store garnering their concentration thus ultimately converting a visitor into a prospective lead.


Music Drives Consumers To Enhance Shopping Time

The Soundtrack Your Brand conducted a study in a department store. It shows the impact of background tracks to enhance the shopping time of a buyer. The results clearly show how different tracks impact the total time a consumer spends in a store. Youngsters tend to spend more time in an outlet if the overhead track is slow and calm. They prefer instrumental tracks. However, buyers over 50 years prefer pop music with a more cherishing rhythm.

The Emotional Connection

You cannot switch between your playlist and predict a prosperous outcome in terms of increased sales in your store. You have to stick to a single genre and stay consistent with it. Moreover, the purpose of using music in the background is to capture the emotions of the listeners. Leave a lasting impression on them by building an emotional connection. They should be drawn emotionally thereby upscaling a store’s progress.

How Overhead Music Helps To Set The Mood

“Positive moods increase the probability that individuals will engage in behaviors with expected positive outcomes, and decrease the probability that individuals will engage in behaviors with expected negative outcomes.”

If you are eager to find out how does rhythm affect your mood, attend an uninteresting event with ear pots connected to your favourite playlist. You will find out how easily music can set you in the mood.

In addition, music can help set the mood of your consumer. You may have to dig up a little to learn about the appropriate preferences of your target audience based on the age, geography and gender. Create a playlist that has the power to target the diverse group of audience to reap prosperous outcomes.

Now, the real trouble is finding the right track that leads to creating a favourable influence of music on mood. For instance, a study presented in 2000 showed that playing a popular track has a negative impact on the store’s sales. Furthermore, popular tracks create a distraction. Your buyer would get indulged in the track rather than focusing on the products displayed.

The Music Tempo

The tempo of your music creates an impact on consumer behaviour as well. A track with a slow tempo can ignite boredom and dullness among your buyers. On the contrary, an over-energetic tempo can ignite a feeling of panic.

Furthermore, an extract from the Milliman study showed the impact of tempo on a store’s sale.

“In this study, the average gross sales increased from $12,112 for the fast tempo music to $16,740 for the slow tempo music. This is an average increase of 38%.”

And about the consumer’s behaviour in the store it stated,

“Customers moved slower when slow music was played, taking 128 seconds, and faster when fast music was played, taking 109 seconds.”

Wrap Up

Music is like therapy. It can make you do things you never imagined. It can alter your beliefs and persuade you. In addition, it can make you witness different emotions at the same time producing your targeted outcomes.

So, to create a lasting impression on your buyers it’s imperative to select your track wisely keeping the preferences of your target audience into consideration. Remember not to fall for your favourites as it’s about building up your brand recognition. Opt for tracks that can entice your buyers and sketch an inspiring image of your brand.


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