Music for Restaurants & Retail Stores- SESAC Music License Guide


Music for Restaurants – Retail Stores SESAC Music License Guide If you are wondering how to get the SESAC Music license, here is a comprehensive guide to help you. SESAC- the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers is a non-profit PRO organization. It is one of the leading performing rights activists, who work for […]

5 Things To Know About BMI License For Music


Having a BMI license for music is the first thing every retailer should do. Nobody wants to get bills sweeping down their doors with privacy and copyright penalties. As much as you know the importance of overhead music in your store, you must respect the rights of the artist and musicians who owns the music.. […]

An Ultimate Guide To Reggae Music- Its History & Origin

Reggae is a traditional music form that has evolved from the Jamaican roots. Music has a worldwide reach and a strong fan base. It is the music of Jamaica and has made its way out to people’s hearts with its sounds, rhythms, and lyrics. This music form is famous in most regions of the world. […]

A Detailed Analysis of Pop Music and Its Popularity

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Pop music is one of the widely accepted and heard music from around the globe. People love to listen to Pop because of its ever-changing nature and contemporary style. This genre has been in the limelight for decades and its popularity continues to grow with the emerging talent in it. This music name is the […]

The Birth of Hip Hop Music | History & Scope

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Originated from the poorest streets of New York, Hip Hop is one of America’s best music genres. It is also known as Rap music. The combination of rhythm and speech is the essence of this genre. In the 1970s, a bunch of jobless street boys came up with the idea of creatively mixing words with […]

A Guide to the History and Sound of Jazz Music

Music feeds the soul, and especially when it comes to Jazz, one cannot just deny this statement. Jazz is one of the classic and widely loved music forms of America. The essence of this divine music form is improvisation and change. Since the day it entered the industry to the world till today, it has […]

A Detailed Overview to The Origin and Scope Of RnB Music


The Rhythm and Blues music genre which is commonly known as the RnB is one of the finest music categories which is liked by people around the globe on a wide scale. It was originated in the African American communities in the late 1940s. This term was mainly used by recording companies to explain the […]

Will AI Replace Musicians- The Future of Music Industry

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Are you curious to know will AI replace Musicians or rather assist them? If you are a Millennial you must have witnessed the technological transformation over the years. It’s surprising to believe how video chats have replaced phone calls, huge gatherings are now relying on streaming platforms and the reliance over mobile applications to add […]

The Art of Making Playlists for Your Business

The right selection of playlists for your business impacts the growth unbelievably. As per the research, music can impact the buying decision-making time positively. Back in 2010, a flower shop owner observed the impact of a different playlist on the behaviour of visitors. His sales increased whenever he chose to play romantic and cheerful songs. […]

Influence of COVID-19 on Retail Sales

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When the world was struggling to cope up and handle the worsening situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, its greater impact surfaced on the retail industries, which got on its last breath. The dire need to evacuate crowded public places, shut people inside their homes, eliminate every human-human contact sends urged the retailers to adapt. They […]