Music is better together


It all started when…

Co-founders Shariq Shah and Jacob Motta entered Ambii into two Silicon Valley competitions in 2017 and won both while still enrolled at San Jose State University.

Shariq has significant experience with leadership, software development, product development, and music information retrieval. He worked two years in music information retrieval, paving the way for the AI suggestion engine development. He also led 3 teams totaling 15 people at NASA Ames in establishing and developing the software structures of a nano-simulations project. His software background allows him set a solid vision for the rest of the team while his leadership skills enable him to persuade others to invest time and other resources into his vision.

Jake has years of product development experience inclusive of web applications, mobile applications, and video games. He is a computer science graduate who is passionate about building solid, high performance products. His software and tech background enable him to manage various software roles within the team, returning strong product design and development.

Alora Frederick has a degree in Business Marketing and Advertising and graduated SJSU with honors. She is an entrepreneur at heart and has launched multiple successful companies including a nonprofit. She has over five years experience of channel marketing which has allowed her the opportunity to interact with many professionals across varied fields of expertise.

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Shariq Shah, CEO


Jake Motta,



Alora Frederick, CMO